Thursday, 24 September 2009


Welcome to my new blog. This is very exciting for me as it is the first time I am actually blogging. As the readers of the Tatler and Scotsman on Sunday will know, I have a new book coming out in hardback- Daughter of Narcissus, a study of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the form opf a memoir. My novel Empress Bianca, which was banned for awhile, is also being issued in paperback this month. This too is exciting and a real source of delight, as its banning was a significant civil liberties issue and I am just grateful to my publishers and lawyers for the support they gave me in getting the book back on the market. Both books are available on prior to being in the bookstores, and we (the publishers and PR and I) are as we speak overcoming the hurdle of the postal strike and finding out who is and is not coming to the launch party on the 7th October.

I would love to have any comments.

Georgie Campbell


  1. It is wonderful to know that you will be blogging along with having your book promoted in a variety of different ways.

    Best of luck with your book!


  2. I ordered your new book and am looking forward to reading your perspective on this subject.

    Echo loved Narcissus, and so did I.

  3. Dear Lady Colin Campbell,

    I have just finished reading 'Daughter of Narcissus' and it was if I was reading an excerpt from my own life. My own mother, a narcissist herself, had recently disinherited me and revealed that she would have nothing further to do with me in the light of my pregnancy 13 months ago. I have tried to have a constructive relationship with her for the past five years, prior to and during my current marriage. Such efforts on my part were all in vain. I can only imagine the perseverance it took on your part to maintain and see your relationship with your mother through to the end, and I commend you for that. I identified with the fears you expressed in your book about becoming, or being like her and prior to the delivery of my beautiful little girl, I re-entered therapy to address the grief of losing the love of a mother that never was, and the parent that never truly existed. I am happy to say that the woman who was determined to destroy her competition even if it was her own progeny did not succeed. I have now come to a point of feeling sorry for her, as well as pure joy that I survived and unlike my brother, did not succumb to her manipulations and threats. Thank you for shedding light upon this personality disorder that wreaks so much havoc upon the privileged as it does amongst the every day person. Make no mistake about it, it is nothing short of abuse.

    Victoria E.

  4. As a distance cousin, Georgie, I was so surprised to read your autobiography. My Father have always told me the story of George Zadie, his cousin. Now I have told him the real story of Georgie Zadie.
    I talked to Gloria a few months before she died by phone in Cayman Islands. She was very lonely.
    I cannot find your two books, Daughters and Bianca, here in Canada, so i am going to try to order them from the U.K.
    I so impressewd by what you have been through and not only survived, but actually came out on top.
    I donated a copy of your autobiography to our local library.
    By the way, it is the Depass side we are connected.
    Tony Figueroa